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So I’ve been stewing on this review for sometime…not because there aren’t enough nice things to say, but because it needs to be short enough that people will read it all. We are parents that had no intention of putting our child in any preschool or daycare. It wasn’t until it became obvious that she was needing the social interaction with kids her age that we started looking. After much research, Puddle Jumpers was the ONLY choice for our family for so many reasons. The curriculum, the teaching philosophy, the concept of outdoor play and exploration, the care, love, and compassion shown not only to the kids, but to the entire family. When at school, they are Misty’s kids and that was a priority for us. All that being said, our daughter LOVES going to Puddle Jumpers, after the tour there really was no other option. We’ve seen such positive growth since she’s been attending, ranging from social skills to an expanded vocabulary. When talking to non Puddle Jumper parents the biggest misconception is if the kids aren’t sitting confined indoors, they aren’t learning. I hate to burst bubbles, but they got it all wrong. It’s through the play & exploration they learn best! Our daughter does and learns amazing things each day she’s there. Bottom line?…we would have our daughter no where else and we feel so lucky that she is a part of something so special.

(And this is the condensed version of my review, I swear I could write a book on how much I love this place! ) Ivie’s Mommy

We love Puddle Jumpers! Our son is obsessed with going to preschool, and he is super upset when he has to go home  He loves being outside, so the fact that everything at Puddle Jumpers is nature based is AMAZING! The teachers are fantastic with the kids, and I honestly can’t say enough great things about the owner. You can definitely tell that she loves what she does. Not only is their preschool great, but the summer camp is a blast! All around PERFECT school!! Caden’s Mom

My child is thriving at Puddle Jumpers! I was so excited to find a school with such emphasis on integrative learning in nature!  This has been a perfect fit for us and I encourage anyone who wants more than your average preschool to take a tour and see what it’s all about!  Weston’s Mom 

We cannot rave enough about Puddle Jumpers Nature Preschool. They believe in restoring childhood through use of nature, exploration, movement, and fun, and they have proven their commitment to all of these ideas. Our son loves going to school, and his enthusiasm for school his due to the environment created at Puddle Jumpers. My only regret is that we didn’t start sending our son sooner. Mile’s Mom

Our daughter loves preschool at Puddle Jumpers. If you are looking for a safe, fun and different (from the norm) learning environment for your child, puddle jumpers will deliver on every level. As someone who has worked in child care it was near impossible for me to feel comfortable sending my daughter to just any daycare or preschool. I told Misty my concerns and it was like puddle jumpers was made to suit our family. Our daughter tells us about her day and always seems so content when she is picked up. The teachers are easy going, calm and honest; with safety and fun being the two top priorities for both kiddos and teachers! It is also evident that the teachers enjoy what they do. Lastly I have piece of mind as a parent with my child in their care; which is everything! Thanks for all you do every day! 

We are absolutely loving Puddle Jumpers! My son asks every night if he can go to school the next day. Miss Leah and Misty are amazing and we are so happy they have come to Hampstead. The new outdoor classroom is beautiful and I’m sure will just continue to improve with the additions coming down the road. Thank you so much for providing such a quality program and such a fun atmosphere! Thomas’ Mama

Puddle Jumpers is fantastic! Our boy has benefited so much from this brilliant preschool. Little children should not be kept behind closed doors all day, they need to run and explore and get dirty. This preschool is perfect for developing not just their minds but also their bodies. The staff is loving, open and easy to contact. Highly highly recommended. The best you’ll find in Hampstead for certain. Our three-year-old always wants to go to school Adrian’s Dad

I know it’s been said already but we LOVE Puddle Jumpers! Coming from the Midwest about a year ago, we didn’t know anything about nature-based schooling but I am impressed with the curriculum and love the idea of ‘actively’ learning. This is our daughter’s first experience with preschool and she absolutely loves going; her skills and knowledge grow each day. Paige’s Mom 

Our daughter has been attending Puddle Jumper’s Nature Preschool/Summer Camp since November 2016. Since starting she has developed so much with her speech and interaction with others. She has gained confidence and independence through nature and play. The teacher’s are truly amazing kindhearted people that love their jobs. I highly recommend them to everyone. Adeline’s Mama

Puddle Jumpers has been great for our son. He’s been enrolled for roughly six months now. He gets to run, play, and move all while learning outdoors. This is a great option if you don’t want your kid stuck in box all day. Emmett’s Mom

We love Puddle Jumpers! I originally had my son enrolled in a traditional preschool program. Two weeks before he was supposed to start I had such a sinking feeling in my heart. I knew it wasn’t the right setting for him. I passed by Puddle Jumpers that day and decided to give them a call. It has been the BEST decision we have made. Our little boy gets to play to his heart’s content and learn at the same time! He has made so much progress while there and has truly come out of his little shell! The staff is so fun and so caring! I highly recommend checking them out! Colton’s Mom

Puddle Jumpers as been an extension of our family for years. The PJ team truly has balanced learning and fun while supporting independence, leadership, kindness, empathy and accountability. Jase and Ellis’ Mom

We are members of the Puddle Jumpers alumni, and it is ridiculous how much we miss you and your preschool!! My children (ages 5 and 10) still ask about you all the time. Your methods teach children the most valuable aspects of our own childhoods…nature is a wonderful tool that many schools don’t use nearly enough. I love everything you have accomplished and it’s so nice to see your vision and dreams are all coming true! You deserve the best!!! We all miss you!! Rylee & Brodie’s Mom

My daughter loves nature preschool!! She has grown and learned so much she adores all of her teachers. We are so glad we send her to Puddle Jumpers it’s such a great fit for our daughter!! Ellie’s Mama

A true preschool that gives children the opportunity to be children. They only have one chance to be kids. You won’t be disappointed. 

I really can’t say enough great things about Puddle Jumpers! First of all, the teachers are AMAZING! My son looks forward to the days he gets to go to school. He has already learned so much and has really blossomed here! One of my favorite parts is everyday they post pictures so I can see how much fun he had that day, which is also great for family that lives so far away!! Lane’s Mommy

Puddle Jumpers Nature Preschool is so much more than outdoor play. The curriculum is well planned with lots of supporting activities. There are lots of fun teachers that visit the school like yoga, painting, exercise, etc. The teachers work toward a common goal and provide consistent learning opportunities by creating an inviting educational space. Brice’s Mom

I have been interested in Puddle Jumpers for a while now, I love the idea of my children learning from nature and play! Sadly I just live too far away to take my kids there for preschool decided to give their summer camp a try and it was amazing! My 3 and 5 year old had a blast and I felt confident they were in great hands. Loved it! Dani and Jone’s Mom

Our daughter has been attending Puddle Jumper’s Nature Preschool/ Summer Camp since November 2016. Since starting she has developed so much with her speech and interaction with others. She has gained confidence and independence through nature and play. The teacher’s are truly amazing kindhearted people that love their jobs. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Adeline’s Dad

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