what makes Puddle Jumpers so different from traditional preschools?

What makes Puddle Jumpers Nature Preschool so different?

Why do we believe in teaching preschool differently?

Simply put, there is a sad status quo in early childhood education.

Unchanged. Unchallenged. Unhealthy. Uninspired.

Visit the places that offer a traditional preschool education.

There’s one on every corner.

They’re all working from the same basic blueprint.

Every "classroom" is basically the same with very little differentiation.

Traditional preschools are still teaching the same old antiquated model…

Come in,

Sit down,

Be quiet,

Be still,

Fight every instinct you have to be active and social!

Get used to doing what we command.

Begin learning to stay inside your own little box for your own good.

Has this ever been good for children?

Does it inspire creative learning or new discoveries?

Does it teach children to love learning?

Or does it just break a child’s spirit?

It was our mission to create a school that teaches the way children actually learn.

Actively! Hands-on. Senses Engaged. Social. Interactive.

We provide Learning in a continuously changing Living Classroom!


Yes it’s different.

Yes it challenges the status quo. But why?

Have children changed?

Or has childhood just changed for this generation of children?

We are passionate about getting children outdoors actively learning.

Letting them move, run, jump, climb and play!

Children’s bodies still need this level of physical activity to grow strong and healthy.

Children’s minds still need to be inspired to learn about the world around them.

CHILDHOOD is disappearing but a child’s need for it remains.

Another health benefit of nature preschool is the Fresh air and sunshine!

It helps to be outside in the fresh air instead of cooped up inside 4 walls breathing in recycled air full of germs and viruses. Nature preschoolers have lower illness rates and build a stronger immune system from microbe exposure. Scientists have proven the microbial benefits of exposure to the natural world.

We believe in teaching preschool differently because children who are given time to be active, creative and social are happy and willing to learn.  Children learn best through the exploration of their senses. We provide amazing opportunities for each child to be in a constant dialogue with their surroundings by promoting different ways to explore the natural world. Through this all senses engaged experimentation children develop cognitive, problem solving, critical thinking, descriptive language and observation skills. Sensory activities also help to strengthen fine motor skills, critical for writing.

Your children are going to come home DIRTY & TIRED!


It is how children begin to truly love learning.

A worksheet never inspired anyone to love learning!

Children will have many years of formal schooling ahead where they will be required to sit still, be quiet, walk in straight lines, be taught what to learn not how to learn, wait patiently and suffer from being cooped up spending their whole day indoors. The preschool years are made for 1st friendships, creative expression, exciting discoveries, being loud , exuberant and full of movement! Children should be allowed to Run, climb, jump, dance, sing, laugh, be silly, have fun and play. With preschool age children it is the process not the product that is most important in inspired early learning.

Yes we teach preschool differently!

We believe CHILDHOOD has value!

We believe CHILDREN have the right to learn in a way that celebrates childhood!

If you want the status quo in preschool education there are a million options up and down this very road.

Pick one. Any one. They’re all the same. Unchanged. Unchallenged. Unhealthy. Uninspired!

Why does Puddle Jumpers Teaches Preschool Differently?

Because Teachers who Love to Teach Inspire Children who Love to Learn!

We are The Change we Wish to See in the World!


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